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The exterior of the building includes; siding, trim, gutters and downspouts, windows, roof, garage, stoops, decks, patios, grounds and related items. Each of these items is inspected not only for its condition, but how it relates to the dwelling. Defects in exterior components such as the siding or windows can greatly affect other components of the home.
 The exterior of the building is designed to protect the interior components
 from mother nature.

There are many siding types such: as vinyl, stucco, brick, aluminum, wood, stone and synthetics. Each material has advantages and disadvantages which require different maintenance procedures and involve different cost factors. We will identify the type of siding and explain the normal maintenance requirements of each type as well as the existing defects.
One of the most dramatic effects on heating and cooling expenses is to replace old or poor quality windows. The windows need to be installed well and maintained to prevent leaks around the exterior and for good operation.

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The Exterior Problems May Make The Difference!   
The grounds surrounding the home will include items such as grading for drainage, patios, landscaping (retaining walls and other alterations to the natural flow of the property), fences, trees and bushes which may have an effect on the home and all other items as they relate to the exterior of the house.

Garages whether attached or detached are inspected like the rest of your new home. We will check the roof, exterior and interior for all the same potential problems that have or may occur which are visible and accessible. We will also look for safety hazards found only in this area as it relates to the vehicle usage, fire hazards and safety of the garage door opener. 
A great deal of homeowner handyman workmanship is often found in this 
area and we will be pointed it out when improperly done.

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